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Theresa Randleman, President

Shanithia Jhons, Vice President

Zeta Amicae of Detroit was chartered in 1962 by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Beta Omicron Zeta Chapter of Detroit, Michigan.  This establishment was the first in the state of Michigan as Amicae; with affiliates throughout the United States and abroad. 

Amicae are (Friends of Zeta) women who are interested in upholding the principles of sisterhood, scholarship, service and finer womanhood.  Amicae women who do not possess a college degree; but believe in and aspire to carry forward the vision, goals and initiatives of their sponsoring Zeta chapter.  


Our history of service to the Metropolitan Detroit area is rich and diverse. Whether working independently or side-by-side with our Zeta Friends, we continue to meet community needs through work with the elderly, individuals with special needs, premature awareness and mental health awareness.  We promote family health and seek to lift the spirits of the homeless as initiatives for our community involvement.  You can also look at some of our community projects on Facebook: Zeta Amicae Auxiliary and Detroit Zeta Amicae on Instagram. (Please note that all events and projects are not available for public photography but we post what we can.)


In 2021, we will prepare to advance our efforts and work to offer scholarships in honor of our first Detroit Amicae President; the Katherine Reid Scholarship to women age 18 and over.   To learn more about our sisterhood, send an email to and we will respond accordingly. 

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